We Want To See Jesus


We See Him As The One Rejected (English)

Pastor Tim Leistekow
Jesus revealed himself to those who heard him read from the scroll. Did he win their hearts? Sadly, they rejected him as the Fulfillment of Scripture. The rejection of Jesus as the Savior from sins continues today. When people call Jesus Monster Slayer, say Muhammad is on his level and only see him as a good man who did good things, they also reject him as the Promised Savior. Yet, Jesus continues to come to all people as Savior.
Sunday, January 30, 2022


We Want To See Jesus

Who did the Magi come to see? A child? Yes but they also came to the One who has been born King of the Jews. After traveling for many miles over a long period of time, they arrive to their destination. A star guided them to the house that the child was living in and were overjoyed to find the home. They worshipped and brought gifts to the King. Scripture makes clear that Jesus is King and the Holy Spirit reveals this truth to us. Are we worshipping Jesus as our King? Are we serving our King? Are people today looking for a King? We can rejoice with the Wise Men because we have a King who was promised and given to us.

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