Follow Me


Follow Me - Disciples Train Others to Walk (English) 2.4.24

Pastor Dan Rautenberg
The church isn’t limited to one ideal pastor, or only the best Christians, nor is the work even limited to Jesus himself. Jesus calls his followers to lead, train, and equip others.
Sunday, February 4, 2024


Follow Me

Native Christians will begin the new year listening to and looking at Jesus in a new Sunday series about discipleship called “Follow Me.” The disciple John will guide us in God’s Word from Bible books 2 & 3 John. Jesus will lead us, calling us as he called his first disciples, giving us grace for the journey, and equipping us in all things. Themes (Jan 7 - Feb 11) include: walk in the truth, walk in love, don’t follow deceivers, walk in friendship, train others to walk, and disciples follow God.

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