No Fear


Mother's Day (English Sermon)

Pastor Dan Rautenberg
Happy Mother's Day! Looking for some encouragement and hope? God provides inspiration.
Sunday, May 9, 2021


No Fear

Why are people afraid of death? Are they afraid of being alone? Are they afraid of hell? Are they afraid of heaven? What were the women afraid of? They could have feared the soldiers. They could have been afraid of what they did not understand. They could have been afraid of God, calling to mind their own earlier sins and doubts. What do we have to be afraid of? We may be afraid of people who hate the church or hate us. Maybe the fear of our sins. But the empty tomb and the angel of the resurrection says to all of our fears, Don’t be afraid! He is risen, just as he promised! Now we can be sure that he will keep all of his promises. For if he kept this one, then nothing will be too hard for him, and nothing will hold him back from his assurance to us of his grace, his protection in life and death, his promise even of our resurrection.

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