Songs from the Heart


Amazing Grace (English) 9.3.23

Pastor Kirk Massey
See the woman standing before a group of men? You will if you take a look at John 8:3. This woman was “caught” in the act of adultery. The ones who caught her immediately dragged her – get this - into an early morning Bible class that Jesus was teaching. Talk about an embarrassing moment. Or even better said, a shameful one. Oh, that word…shame. Maybe you know it all too well. Sometimes shame is private. What happened wasn’t your fault but you’re the one feeling the shame. And you can’t get rid of the nightmare it comes with. It’s so dreadful you should tell somebody but it’s also embarrassing or painful or both so you tell nobody. Not a soul knows about the...Abuse. Harassment. Molestation. Bullying. No one else knows because you haven’t shared it with anyone. You know. You try to forget but you can’t. No matter how deep you try to push it down, the shame is there. Or it may be that the shame you have is there because it is your own fault. You made some really bad choices. You ended up in places and are dealing with consequences that you now regret. If you had the choice to do it over you would take a different path. But you can’t. Like the woman, you’re pushed into situations that you can’t get out of. You’re labeled: Divorced. Diseased. Desperate. Disgusting. The self-proclaimed bounty hunters in our story have a question for Jesus: “The law says we should stone such women, what do you say?” But Jesus didn’t fall for the trap. You see, that’s what it was. The woman wasn’t the catch, she was the bait. But Jesus didn’t take it. He shocks them with his answer. If you don’t know the story, you’ll be surprised, too. Even if you do know it, listen again as if for the first time. Because it’s something you and I need to hear to. Jesus, instead of throwing a stone or a harsh word, throws her an unexpected lifeline: Neither do I condemn you. Amazing grace.
Sunday, September 3, 2023


Songs from the Heart

Introduction: The song in the Christian heart. Ah, yes, its melody is beautiful, its words, stunning. It’s a song like none other. Dear Christian, that song is there in your heart and on your lips because, well, God put it there. There was a man named David who we find out had been in the “slimy pit, mud and mire of life.” (Psalm 40:2). But then God lifted him out and “set his feet on a rock” and gave him a “firm place to stand.” But that wasn’t all. God did more. David tells it like this: “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.” (Psalm 40:3). The new song? The hymn of praise? The song of salvation. God has forgiven our sins! He has removed our guilt! He has conquered death and defeated the devil! Jesus sovereignly rules our lives and masterfully works all things for good. He is preparing our eternal home! My, oh, my, our Lord has done - and is doing - marvelous things! What David did - we can do: Sing. Praise. Worship. Give glory to our Lord Jesus who also put a new song and hymn of praise in our mouth! We will have the opportunity to do just that with our 4-part sermon series called, “Songs from the Heart.” Alongside the designated sermon text from Scripture, these are the hymns upon which we will focus: How Great Thou Art Precious Lord Take My Hand What a Friend We Have in Jesus Amazing Grace David had reason to sing. Thanks to Jesus, we do, too.

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