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We are Native Christians who are proud to follow Christ, happy to share Christ, and excited to equip other Native Christians to lead and to serve Christ. 

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Peridot Our Savior's Building Project

Phase 1 is now complete, click the button below for more info and pictures from start to finish of the project. Thank you to all the helping hands that made this possible.

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We’re glad you’re here learning about our efforts to share the good news about Jesus.  If you’re wondering if there’s a way where you can get involved and help share the gospel with us, click on one of the links below.  There are opportunities to volunteer personally at one of our ministry sites, and a wishlist of needs to help supply from afar.  We are thankful for your love in Christ and willingness to serve!


With the help of your Christian love and generosity, we’ve been sharing Jesus for more than 125 years. If our Lord has given you the desire to support our efforts financially, please use the link below. 100% of your offering will be used for sharing the gospel in our mission field.