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Dare to be a Disciple

Have you ever wondered how many people Jesus approached and said, “Follow me”? Remember those he called as he walked along the Sea of Galilee? The brothers Peter and Andrew heard and accepted his invitation leaving their fishing nets. Shortly after James and John walked away from their father in his boat to walk with Jesus. Not everyone was so eager to be a disciple of Jesus. The rich young man was curious to be with Jesus until he was told he needed to sell all his possessions. Another could not walk away from family without saying good bye. There is a cost involved with following Jesus. The Savior is aware of the challenges being a student of the Master Teacher brings. He often explained the hardships, hostility, and even hatred his students would encounter. Yet he continued to say, “Follow me.” In the weeks ahead Jesus invites us to do just that and dare to be his disciple.

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