No Other God


No Other God Saves (Apache)

Pastor Leonard Fall
What’s the difference between Biblical Christianity and all else? What’s the difference between the true God and all others? Grace. Everyone has a problem that only God can solve, and God wanted to solve it! Other religions are ones of fear and superstition and earning favor from God. They’re about keeping multiple deities happy all the time. They’re also useless to get rid of sin. No imperfect person will ever be in a perfect heaven with a perfect God. The true God is merciful and gracious and saves. Knowing this is not a license to sin, but an opportunity to give glory!
Sunday, September 5, 2021


No Other God

Who is God? Do people know who they’re praying to and worshipping? Is the definition of God up for debate according to everyone’s personal preference? What makes God different from all the opinions and all the lies of the devil that fill our world?

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