Y'all Need Jesus


Y’all Need Jesus… to Defeat Satan’s Temptations 2.26.2023 English

Pastor Joe Dietrich
Genesis shows us that Adam and Eve failed to defeat Satan’s temptation. Romans shows us that failing to defeat Satan’s temptations brings a terrible fate! Psalm 130 is a reflection of the helplessness that our failure to say no to temptation brings. Matthew shows us that Jesus did not fail. He defeated Satan’s temptations. That’s why Y’all need Jesus.
Sunday, February 26, 2023


Y'all Need Jesus

Y’all need Jesus! Oftentimes it’s a shout when someone is doing something wrong. Very wrong. Publicly wrong. Crazy wrong. Y’all need Jesus! We’re in the season of Lent now, and this theme absolutely works. It’s a time to see our sins in all their ugliness. It’s a time for a call to repentance, a call to recognize just how bad we are, how far we’ve fallen, how badly and how often we’ve failed. There is no possible way we are deserving anything good from God or saving ourselves. We need Jesus… so much, in every way. We needed Him to be everything we’re not, to do everything we couldn’t, to succeed where we’ve failed over and over and over again. He is the Savior we needed with a desperation that we can’t even begin to put into words. He’s all we need, all we’ve ever needed. And He was, is, and always will be everything we need.

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