The Big Reveal Epiphany Season 2023


Love your Enemies (Apache) 2.12.2023

Leonard Fall
We have a holy God. He wants us to live a holy life, one that is wholly dedicated to him, one that is spiritually and emotionally healthy for us. So, as Jesus continues his Sermon on the Mount, he makes a crucial point that not all his followers understand well. Jesus came to free us from sin. He did not come to free us to sin. God commands that we live a holy life. After examining our lives, we can only despair over our lack of holiness. So we flee to Christ who loves us despite our failures and who sacrificed himself for us. Secure in his grace and empowered by the Holy Spirit, each day we strive to live the holy lives to which we have been called.
Sunday, February 12, 2023


The Big Reveal Epiphany Season 2023

For most of Jesus' adult life, he lived quietly in Galilee. The Gospels share very little information about Jesus’ youth or his early years of adulthood. But at the exact time God the Father had appointed, Jesus revealed himself. The word epiphany means “appearance.” In the Season of Epiphany, we watch Jesus begin his public ministry. Jesus makes his first appearances beginning with the visit of the magi and ending with his transfiguration. In those appearances, we see exactly who this Jesus is and what he came to do.

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