Liar Liar


Life Should be Easy (Apache) 6.18.23

Pastor Gary Lupe
World on a String - “Life should be easy” - Let’s face it...Americans have more gadgets designed to make life easier than any other nation on earth. (If you want to debate it consider that we have things like garage door openers, microwave ovens, central air, and automatic dishwashers.) While finding ways to make life easier makes sense it often spirals into the lie that believes life should be easy. No where has God promised that, in fact, life is anything but easy at times. But what we find when we replace this lie with God’s truth, is that pain and difficulty serves a Godly purpose worth celebrating.
Sunday, June 18, 2023


Liar Liar

You are being lied to...and you are the guilty party! The truth is, no one lies to you more than you do. And when you believe your own lies, your capacity for happiness and wholeness shrinks. Don't believe it? Maybe some of these sound familiar: "I need everyone to like me... Bad decisions don't have a consequence if no one knows about them... My anger is someone else's fault... I have to succeed at everything I do... All my marriage problems are my spouse's fault... But I have to..." You guessed it. Lies, lies, and more lies. In this message series, we'll explore some of the lies that we believe and learn how to replace them with the truth. Overall: The lies you believe will marginalize and erode your spiritual, emotional, and physical health

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