Tired Of Waiting



Pastor Tim Leistekow
If Christmas is a holly, jolly time why are people so short-tempered? It wasn’t that long ago when Christmas shopping was a fun experience. Now it is a contact sport with people willing to beat someone up to grab a gift which is on sale. “Joy to the World” may be playing over the air waves, but seriously, is anyone listening? The lines are long. People are impatient. Road rage is on the streets and in the parking lots. Where’s the joy? It is in the Word of God. Join us as we celebrate with joyful hearts. Learn to protect your joy as well as share it with others.
Sunday, December 12, 2021


Tired Of Waiting

Are you already tired of waiting for Christmas to get here? It seems the Christmas season is now months long. QVC started in July with Christmas sales. Months of Christmas music has been playing on radio stations. Black Friday has come and gone. Expectations for an extra-special celebration are set high. We hope to have a good Christmas this year. Not like last year or the years before. Yet we are already tired of waiting for Christmas to be here. What can we do to make this one different, better than others? Join us this Sunday as we learn to make this Christmas fantastic.

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