No Other God


No Other God Will Carry Out A Plan Like This (Apache)

Pastor Leonard Fall
God speaks us to us through Jesus. And not fake Jesus’ like Matthew 24 describes. The real Jesus speaks in the Bible. According to John 20:31, that’s why the entire Bible was written. It’s a description of the most crazy plan anyone’s ever heard of. God would leave heaven and come to earth to live and die and rise again to pay for all sin. When He finished, He would be restored to His position of authority at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. There’s no one like Jesus, and no plan like the one described in the Bible. Superior to the angels, Jesus is like no one else and did what no one else could do. Why waste your time trying to figure out whose power outranks someone else’s on this earth? They’re all inferior to Jesus.
Sunday, August 29, 2021


No Other God

Who is God? Do people know who they’re praying to and worshipping? Is the definition of God up for debate according to everyone’s personal preference? What makes God different from all the opinions and all the lies of the devil that fill our world?

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