No Other God


No Other God Controls The Future (Apache)

Pastor Gary Lupe
This is no cheap witchcraft-using fortune-telling or the psychic hotline. About 150 years earlier, when Cyrus was not even born and the Medo-Persian Empire he would rule was not even an empire and even the empire he would defeat (the Babylonians – defeated as described in verses 2-3) hadn’t become a strong empire yet, Isaiah calls him by name. In other words, there’s no way (humanly speaking) Isaiah could have known about Cyrus. Except that God controls all of history. He always has, and He carries out His plans for the benefit of His people – for salvation.
Sunday, August 22, 2021


No Other God

Who is God? Do people know who they’re praying to and worshipping? Is the definition of God up for debate according to everyone’s personal preference? What makes God different from all the opinions and all the lies of the devil that fill our world?

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