Love: More than a cliche


Love; More Than A Cliche, Week 3 "My Everything" (English)

Pastor Tim Leistekow
Jesus is truly our everything. He gives us life, breath, health. His love gives us the cross: both his own and the cross we are to bear. We are only willing to suffer for that which we value the most: our everything. Jesus loves us enough to go to the cross for us; we can trust that when he gives us the cross, it is for our good.
Sunday, February 28, 2021


Love: More than a cliche

In this series, we take a look at some of the common words and phrases expressed in popular music and use them as a spring board to show what true love looks like. Love songs are full of classic cliches. But God’s love is more than a cliche: The merciful God shows love in showing mercy through Jesus. God’s love isn’t just beautiful words; though it is expressed in beautiful words. God’s love is real, powerful, and effective.

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