Resources for Living God's Way

Jesus Who? 

Many people have different ideas about who Jesus is. 


may surprise you - and COMFORT you!

Questioning God?

Who is God? Who created him? Is he angry at me? Does he even care? 

Life Concerns

What's UP with Society? 

What about MY life? 

I want help with my FAMILY life. 

Study the Bible

Wish you had an ONLINE Bible Study to look into privately

- in YOUR time

- in YOUR place

- in YOUR way?

You do: 

Why do we Worship Like This?

Ever had a question about the worship but were afraid to ask the pastor? Do you wonder about prayer, creeds and more? 




Need some "God Stuff" that relates to your life as a teen - We get you!




Sometimes a woman needs a woman's point of view

What are the ministry areas of this Lutheran church body?

College Ministry

Home Missions

World Missions

Christian Aid and Relief

Mission Volunteering

and MORE... 

Where can I  worship on the Apache Reservation? 

There are nine Lutheran locations. Find one near you and come to be strengthened for life on earth and life eternal!


Where can I find a church OFF the reservation? 

Worship with Christian brothers and sisters around the world

Would you like us to pray for you?
Simply  submit a request - and we will start praying! 


Pastor Dan Rautenberg

Native American Mission

Field Coordinator

Apache  Christian Training School  (ACTS) Director