The Battle Belongs to the Lord

It empowered their day. 

It empowered their singing. 

It empowered their lives. 

It has empowered my life as a teacher, wife, Christian woman. 


Last Sunday, the 3rd through 5th grade classrooms boldly sang in front of over 100 people: The Battle Belongs to the Lord. What the kids learned about this song, this LORD, this promise empowered them and has also empowered me, their music teacher. May this TRUE story and FIRM promise empower you also:

King Jehoshaphat became alarmed when he heard:

     “a VAST ARMY is coming against you …”

His response:

     “Jehoshaphat resolved to inquire of the LORD…”

Seeing their leader respond in such a manner, people came from every town in that area of Judah to also hear what the Lord had to say about this INSURMOUNTABLE trouble. And what the Lord had to say to them, the Lord has to say to us as well: 

      “Listen, King Jehoshaphat and all who live in Judah and Jerusalem (and we who live on the Apache reservation — we might say),

      ‘DO NOT BE AFRAID or DISCOURAGED because of this vast army (or insurmountable trouble we face today in our lives - we might say to ourselves).


King Jehoshaphat then released a huge army - not of soldiers but of singers - and when they met their insurmountable enemy - they found the enemy had gotten all confused and killed each other! 

Jehoshaphat wasn’t perfect. He made bad decisions. He allied himself with evil kings. And yet - he knew the Lord, he studied the Word of God, he even organized a traveling school with about 16 teachers - open to the public - to allow people to learn the Words of the Lord. And Jehoshaphat turned to the Lord and trusted in the LORD to fight his battles - literally! (read the thrilling story in II Chronicles 20 - THIS REALLY HAPPENED!) 


These 3rd - 5th graders realized this too:

       We are not perfect.

       We do not always do what God wants.

       We sometimes make bad decisions.


But we will study the Word of God, go to church, sing God's praises and leave the Battle to the Lord


TODAY - we also have battles all around us. Like the 3rd - 5th graders, let us also realize:

      We are not perfect.

      We do not always do what God wants.

      We sometimes make bad decisions. 


Let us too resolve to study the Word of God, go to church, sing God's praises and leave the Battle to the Lord!


As those battles rage on in our minds and in our lives - LISTEN TO THE WORDS the children STUDIED and SANG today - the day this website launched. 


THOSE CHILDREN SANG WHAT THEY RELY ON: The Battle belongs to the Lord. He will fight for us. He is always there for us. He will give us redemption! 


YOU are not fighting life alone. YOU are not ever going to win alone - the devil is right - we are weak and worthless on our own - but alone, we are NOT. We have the LORD and He will be VICTORIOUS! We have WON and Heaven is already ours. Take joy in that - as the children sang: 


“Take courage my friend, your redemption is near,

The battle belongs to the Lord."

 Should you desire more encouragement for help in YOUR personal battles - check out our website's Spiritual Resources page.


You may also contact us to get connected with a pastor near you. 


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