The FUTURE: KEY - on the KEYS

January 6, 2018



Although our churches sometimes use a computer program called “Hymn-Soft” which allows any digital device to play the hymns, YET - the Apache themselves, young and old- want to learn to play the music themselves. Not just play, but write the music and be an active part of the congregation. It just took ASKING THEM to try and PROVIDING lessons! 



In both our Lutheran Elementary schools, Apache children are taking piano lessons - for their brain’s to be set on fire, for the joy of music and to become future musicians in the church. 


NOW - one church, Our Savior’s in Bylas offers piano lessons for kids but also for adults. WHO is taking these lessons: both members and FUTURE Bible Information Class members. Kasey helps with hymnsoft already but wishes she could actually play the hymns and liturgy herself. Michael is taking adult bible classes, has played in a band and is wanting to serve however he can. He’s brand new to the church and finds it all very interesting and filled with hope. 


Could God use these young people? The Lutheran church pastors and leaders sure think so and believe with all their hearts - the effort is worth it! 


What talents do you have? How could you prepare to serve in the church? Each of these young piano players also attend regular study of Scripture in school or at church or in weekday bible classes - that’s the main way to prepare for serving in the church. But, they haven’t stopped with scripture. Although that’s the #1 way, they are also using the talents and skills God’s given them to grow musically! 


Contact one of our churches and see how you can grow SPIRITUALLY by studying Scripture like these people and TALENT wise by using the gifts God’s given you to serve or prepare to serve in the church

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