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Our Beginnings

Grace Lutheran Church began in September of 1918 when the recently ordained Rev. Alfred Uplegger was sent from Globe to be a missionary in San Carlos, AZ.  It wasn't long though, before he was on the move again.  The entire town of San Carlos was relocated due to the rising waters behind the newly constructed Coolidge Dam.   The tufa-stone chapel in “old” San Carlos was dismantled and moved to Peridot and used in the construction of a Christian elementary school. Missionary Uplegger moved upriver to the new site of San Carlos, located at an old military camp known as Rice.  A new tufa-stone church was built in the new downtown San Carlos in 1921, and Missionary Uplegger served there until his retirement in 1977.
While he served as the pastor, he also invited his father, Dr. Francis Uplegger to live and work with him.  Dr. Uplegger,  called "the Gentleman Missionary" by the Apache people whom he served, lived in San Carlos from 1927 until his death in 1964. He served as the Superintendent of the Apache mission field and was instrumental in transcribing the Apache language.

Traveling on Hwy 70 turn north in Peridot onto Indian Hwy 170. Travel approximately 4 miles and turn right into down town San Carlos. Travel about 1.5 miles and just before the end of the road turn left into the church parking lot.


Mailing Address:

Grace Lutheran

Box 27

Bylas, AZ 85550-0027


Worship: 10 AM Sundays
Sunday School: 11 AM Sundays 
Adult Bible Instruction: as requested
Women in Christ: 6:30 pm twice a month on Tuesdays

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Current Pastor

Pastor: Timothy Leistekow 


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Pastor Dan Rautenberg

Native American Mission

Field Coordinator

Apache  Christian Training School  (ACTS) Director