Pastor Dan Rautenberg

Native American Mission

Field Coordinator

Pastor Howard  Mohlke

Apache  Christian Training School  (ACTS) Director 

2018 - 2019 New Staff Orientation

Pastor Tim and wife Calista (San Carlos and Peridot), Jade St. Germaine (East Fork MLC emergency teacher), Myra and Jonathon Brooks (East Fork Elem. year 2), Tom McGill (East Fork, year 2), Scott and Darnell Anthony (East Fork, year 1), Tom and Nancy Steiber, (East Fork volunteers), Lesta Cromwell (East Fork, year 1) gathered, traveled to all 12 ministry sites, encouraged one another and grew closer as they learned: 


  • Apache culture - the strengths of family, peace-making, non-confrontationalism, kindness, pride, humor

  • Apache foods: fry-bread, acorn stew, tortillas

  • Apache language

  • Apache reservation life: sovereign nation status, permits needed, Anglos are guests in a foreign nation

  • Apache traditional religion: the superstitions, witch-craft, idolatry, religious ceremonies, medicine-man

  • Life as a minority in a small community and life on a "campus" spending 24/7 with your faculty


Where ever one is called - you will have some culture-shock. GOD'S WORDS and CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP will indeed - bless us all and get us through.


Lots to learn. Lots of new faces. Lots of joy, excitement, fellowship, and zeal to serve our Savior together with the Apache people.