APACHE 125 Funding Focus Areas

The Administrative Committee for Native American Missions is comprised of a pastor, teacher, and layman dedicated to the WELS Native American Mission's Focus. These men work with the World Mission Board and with the Apache missionaries, principals, teachers and lay leaders on the Apache mission field. With a goal to Equip Native American Christians to lead and to serve they have prayerfully considered and chosen three areas of the vast array of ministry areas on the Apache Reservation on which to focus. These three areas are in the most need of financial assistance. When efforts and money are given to these areas, we believe this will be the most effective and efficient way to reach more Native American souls with the life-saving Gospel message. God's will be done. 


Please keep these three areas, as well as the overall mission, in your prayers. Ask the Lord if you might be able to give a financial gift to support one of these areas or give a gift to the general Native American Missions Special Projects fund. The Special Projects fund money is used where most needed on the mission. 


A hí ye é  and A' shoog (A most grateful thank you)


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Pastor Dan Rautenberg

Native American Mission

Field Coordinator

Apache  Christian Training School  (ACTS) Director